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Supplier of Nickel Alloy Products in India

21 Alloys is the leading dealer and supplier of Nickel Alloys in Mumbai. We are a stocking distributor of Nickel Alloy Products in India. 21 Alloys is a  company that stocks high-temperature alloys in all shapes and sizes. We are specialized in all types of highly corrosion-resistant metals for petrochemicals, solar, oil, and gas industries. 21 Alloys is a Dealer of Nickel alloy piping products and forgings. Currently, we are exporting to more than 35 countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. We have established a strong distribution network in the middle east, South Africa, West Africa, and Far East Asia by association with a local distributor, stockholders, and industrial suppliers.

What is Nickel Alloy?

Nickel alloy refers to a group of metallic materials composed primarily of nickel, combined with various other elements such as chromium, iron, molybdenum, copper, and others. The addition of these alloying elements alters the properties of nickel, creating a wide range of nickel alloys with unique characteristics suited for specific applications.

Nickel alloys are known for their exceptional resistance to corrosion and high-temperature environments, making them suitable for challenging conditions where other materials may degrade or fail. They offer a combination of strength, ductility, and thermal stability, making them valuable in various industries, including aerospace, chemical processing.

The specific nickel alloy chosen for a particular application depends on the requirements of the environment, temperature, corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties needed. Nickel alloys are widely used in critical industries where performance under extreme conditions is crucial.

Nickel Alloy Composition











N10276 15.5 5.51657  3.8
N06600 15.5 8 76   
N06625 21.5  9613.6  
N08800 21 46 32.5   
N077180.519 18.5352.55.1  
N070901.519.516.5  60 2.5

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